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Stained glass – a glossary

At the end of 2022, the publication Stained glass - Contribution to a glossary (Witrażownictwo. Materiały do słownika terminologicznego) by Tomasz Szybisty and Joanna Utzig was completed. The publication includes several dozen entries and illustration relating to basic issues (mainly composition) in the field of stained glass art. The presented collection is in a way "side effect" of research conducted by Corpus Vitrearum Poland, which inspired reflection on the terminology used and its - at least preliminary - systematization. In accordance with its title, the publication is of a working nature, and the proposed terms and their definitions will be successively supplemented and modified in the course of further research and discussion. Further parts of the Glossary, devoted to technological and historical issues (including, among others, Polish creators of stained glass) are in preparation. 


You can download the publication in pdf format by clicking on the link below.  

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Witrażownictwo. Materiały do słownika terminologicznego 2022